Q: Who are we?
A: We are owners of 1950's - 1960's
        fiberglass boats of yesteryear..

Q: Who are the members of Golden         State Glassics?
A: We are from all walks of life,         individuals to families, teens to
        seniors who own from one boat to

Q: And the boats?
A: Well,
        They are from beautifully restored,
        to those with all their love bumps
        and dings as well as those we
        lovingly ask
        "are you sure it will float?"

We come together to share information, resources and have fun with our families, friends and boats. Since we live in California, we have many days of boating weather, even during winter. We have no set agenda for meeting or gatherings. Most gatherings are planned as an open style, looking to get together as many "Classic" boats as possible.

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