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Thanks, All. I'm not being too clear. The Delmar is in on piece and with a bit of spit & polish and tracking down the minor electrical problem would be a good boat to get to the 'meets' while restoring you other 'projects'. I'll post pictures as soon as possible. The Delmar has everything needed to go. Included with the Delmar/Merc 950 are (2) 6gal poly tanks, a new battery, and other misc stuff normally found in any boat. As I said, this boat was running a couple of years ago at Whiskeytown, but has pretty much sat since. The motor was drained of fuel, so that's not an issue. It ran great then. It sits on what I believe to be the original l'il dude trailer.
The sedan is esentially complete, just in pieces. I had purchased a fresh-water merc outdrive in very good condition to replace the original that was trashed in saltwater, so along with the clean outdrive, there are many parts from the old one, too. I even have an original merc srevice manual for it.
Also included are at least three outboards. An evinrude lighttwin, a Gale 25-30hp(Approx HP I think) complete motor, not siezed, a Goodyear Sea Bee (complete) and a 1936 Johnson j-75 outboard. I'm trying to do it all in one fell swoop....Thanks for looking, I'll post what pictures I can as soon as possible.
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