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Old 01-08-2018, 10:42 AM
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Default Thanks Jack and Terry...

...we definitely had an awesome time. Everything about this day was great. Jack, wait till you see Bill's Sport Lido. It's all original (except for the motor) and in wonderful condition, similar to your Avalon. And Kent's boat, well you'll have to see the Yellow Jacket in person. During the first days of testing, I took her for a spin. She's insane; very fast. She turns like a car on rails.

Terry, typically the DOTD is in early to mid April. Hard to believe that's only 3 months away.

The conditions was so we'd like to go out again. And because of the dry fall we had and river water level dropped, the river was free of debris. We'd like to go back out there again. Weather looks great this weekend, similar to New Year's Day conditions.

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